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Dickerson is a True FMO/Individual Carrier General Agency for Brokers

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Obamacare’s About to Get a Lot More Affordable!

For this year and next, the stimulus bill boosts subsidies for nearly all those buying their own coverage, making insurance free for more people and giving higher-income people discounts for the first time. Under the stimulus bill passed by President Biden, nearly all those who buy their own insurance are eligible for a discount. The American Rescue Plan broadens the subsidies available under the Affordable Care Act for comprehensive health insurance — increasing them for people who are already eligible, and providing new assistance for people with incomes previously too high to qualify. Click here for the whole story.

Help your clients avoid a penalty for going without insurance.

The deadline to get health insurance during California’s Open Enrollment Period is almost here. January 31, 2021, is the last day for your clients to enroll for the exchange without qualifying events. Click here for more details.